About Us


AK9 Security and FM Solutions Ltd works in close association with our esteemed customers. Quality will be conveyed through to a group of profoundly prepared work force, our AK9 Team, who will share a commitment to our clientele and work as a valuable asset of your company to set up a secure and inviting environment.

Instruction, Preparing, Direction and Inspiration of our team, working inside the framework, are imperative components and the key to producing a quality service. Polished skills and the devotion to convey what we guarantee, an excellent service. At AK9 Security and FM Solutions Ltd, we offer our clientele our keenness, professionalism and dependability.

Communication streams through our central monitoring framework, guaranteeing an effortless service and quick response when required, depending on the occasion of any potential risks or issues. Our administration group will be easily contactable in order to ensure a problem free transaction and to solve any potential issues that may emerge. We can also assure you that it will be managed without any disturbance to your every day action to the best of our ability.

AK9 Security and FM Solutions Ltd appreciates all staff and their dedication to continually deter crime, and do so in a professional manner. They also strive to maintain a safe environment, as well as providing high quality customer service , Throughout the length of your contract we aim to cater to your protection needs, in a timely and coherent manner.