Our trained professionals are available to guard your premises. Whether it be a complex, commercial area, office or any retail based location, we are here to provide physical defence for your well-being. On most counts the buildings that transfer services will already have an access controlled system, intruder alarm and some premises have upgraded to remote CCTV monitoring.

Even when security systems need to be purchased and installed, the annual savings in the first year will still be significant compared to an on-going annual guarding service. As a technological system, it may cost more, and systems may be flawed. Providing a manned security guarding service is best suited for a controlled environment, where a hands on approach is more efficient.

CCTV will have blind spots, and a criminal may choose to take advantage of those to slip through the net. Having feet on the ground in the form of security officers patrolling means you’re taking a proactive approach to the safety of your business and reduces the likelihood of an intruder being missed.

Simply having the presence of a trained professional on site can prevent crime. Seeing a security officer means you’re serious about safety on your premises. It shows a potential intruder that you’ve taken an extra step in preventing crime and theft, and the chance of being caught is therefore heightened.