Our licensed drivers ensure the mobile security of your sites. They are trained to keenly observe the surroundings and ensure they are dedicated towards securing the premises selflessly.

Mobile Security patrols prove to be a deterrent to criminal and other antagonistic activity. Our team are trained to offer a quick responsive service if an occurrence were to happen. Mobile Security can be used as part of a wider Security solution or as a stand-alone service according to your Security needs.

Mobile patrols can also be undertaken for residential properties while the homeowner is away for an extended period of time.

This service can be useful where a property needs to be opened and locked up at a planned time each day. It is especially valuable for companies who cannot commit to an individual to open and lock up the property daily, which is why there is a demand for mobile security.

Depending on your requirement, you may want security officers on site to patrol the premises. This module therefore ensures that the security officer understands the different types of patrols and any actions that may need to take place before a patrol. When patrolling, it’s important that the security guard is vigilant and uses local and site knowledge to their advantage.